Version 1.10 | Local Multiplayer Added!

Good evening everyone! It's a crispy 11:40 PM here in the farmlands, and what better time to dev than now? The answer: There is none.

I'll keep this log short and sweet. I spent a good chunk of time today resolving a new bug generated in 1.08. That's ok though, it's all taken care of now. In this release I also went through and redesigned a few tidbits. The biggest news is that I've added local multiplayer! *confetti and mlg horns* It's only local currently as that was the goal before beta release. There is only support for 4 players right now (Alpha goal), though adding the extra 4 players for our release goal of 8 will be a snap. Now that I have the system designed and working. :)

Big Bad Bugs Terminated:

Version 1.08 introduced a bug with the main menu controller support, it's all fixed now though. ;)

Feature Fresh out of the Fryer:

Added Local Multiplayer Support for up to 4 Players

Added Placeholder for Encyclodexicon (Rather than having it navigate to the "Play" screen)


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Mar 05, 2018

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