Version 1.04 | First Public Release


The first public rendition of Masquercade is complete. Due to my dev method, these early releases will not have full gameplay. With each passing release (atleast for the time being) there will be more and more added sequentially until there is a full, playable version available. After the first playable version is complete, I will be sweeping through from the beginning and fixing any bugs present, as well as updating what is already there. This includes adding additional Characters, Games, etc.

On To The DevLog

At this time several features have already been implemented. All of which are listed below:

  • Gamepad support for Main Menu and Player Lobby
  • V-Sync 
  • FullScreen and Borderless-Windowed Modes
  • AntiAliasing 0x/2x/4x/8x
  • Debug Menu
  • Studio Title Screen

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